Dear Parents,

The Parent/Student Handbook contains information on school policies, procedures, and a variety of topics that we hope you will find helpful. This document also serves your child as a Student Handbook, as much of it contains information that pertains to students. The Parent/Student Handbook is posted online and is subject to amendments during the school year.

All of our teachers realize the importance of communicating directly with you regarding your child's progress and of answering any questions you may have. Email is available for you and is the preference of the majority of the teachers because they can pick up messages in their classroom and respond in a timelier manner. If you would like a phone call from a teacher or counselor, please include this request in your email. Contact the front office if you would like to speak with one of our administration team members.

It is our greatest hope that we will communicate often and work closely with you in the education of your child. We look forward to a wonderful, exciting, and growth-producing year.

To download a copy of the Parent/Student Handbook, please click here.


Higher Learning Academy is a Uniform School. We believe that a student’s appearance has an impact on his or her attitude and behavior as well as safety. Students demonstrate respect for the school community and for themselves by dressing appropriately. All Higher Learning Academy students are expected to adhere to adress code that enhances the educational environment at all times, as described below.

1. Students are to wear a Higher Learning Academy uniform everyday, Monday through Friday, and during off-campus school functions, unless otherwise specified.

2. The Higher Learning Academy uniform consists of the following:

  1. White or hunter green polo shirt.
  2. White or hunter green button-up dress shirt or blouse.
  3. All shirts must have a collar unless they are Higher Learning Academy t-shirts or pre-approved school event shirts (i.e. cowl neck and turtle neck collars).
  4. Plain (no print-especially relating to sports teams, gang colors, etc.- unless they are Higher Learning Academy sweat-shirts) sweat-shirts or coats may be worn when the weather is cooler
  5. Khaki, shorts, skirt, uniform dresses/rompers or skorts. (These items, too, must be plain and without any embellishment, including but not limited to, glitter, paint, studs, or jewels)

3. Students may not wear inappropriately tight or short shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts. (“Too short” bottoms will be identified as any article shorter then fingertip length.)

4. All pants must fit around the natural waist. If a belt is needed, a black or brown belt must be worn through all belt loops so as not to cause a distraction to learning.

5. Clothing may not be excessively baggy.

6. All pants, shorts, skirts, dresses/rompers, and skorts must have a hem at the bottom (no cut-offs).

7. Hair must be worn neatly. Students may not wear hats, caps, “do” rags, bandanas, or other head coverings at school, unless deemed appropriate by the Principal or designee. Religious requirement for wearing head covering will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

8. For safety reasons, the following jewelry will not be permitted at Higher Learning Academy: chains, chokers, multiple-finger rings, toe rings, and large dangling earrings (larger than 1 inch).

9. Students may not wear multiple bracelets (Two maximum, one per wrist).

10. Students may not wear piercings other than small earrings, only in the ears.

11. Students may not wear make-up with color.

12. Students may not wear artificial nails.

13. Any item of clothing, accessory, or personal belonging deemed to be a distraction to the learning environment will not be allowed.

14. Shoes must be flat (no high heels, wedges, etc.) with at least a closed-toe and an ankle strap (i.e. tennis shoes).