HLA “Inspire Garden.”_May 12, 2016


HLA  garden based hands on experienceHLA “Inspire Garden” program was initiated few years ago, but kicked off in spring 2016 as part of a volunteer school program, to enhance the education and youth development of students attending HLA, and those living in Del Paso, Rio Linda and North Sacramento area. With inspirations and support from knowledgeable Principal, Scharmela Edwards, and Dr. David Patterson (California Charter Schools Association 2012 Hart Vision recipient), the inspire Garden program is a success. Both individuals have a passion for excellence and a love for each individual student. HLA inspire Garden program is also supported through parent/volunteer/educator Mr. Augustine Eke, who is an expert in soil sciences and agriculture. Under his supervision HLA students started seeds of tomato, pepper, cucumber, cabbage, squash, spinach, and carrot in a greenhouse, and transplanted them to HLA Inspire Garden few weeks later.


HLA Inspire Garden program supports sustainable gardening, student development, and garden based hands on experience. As the growing season progresses, student will have an opportunity to start populating their data sheets, with irrigation data, pH values, soil moisture levels, plant height, soil type, yield etc.

HLA Inspire Garden program supports sustainable gardening


 Students have learned

  • Site assessment and connecting garden to common core (3rd, 5th to 8th graders).
  • Starting of seeds
  • Maintaining garden (weed, irrigation, fertilization)
  • Hydrologic Cycle
  • Soil formation
  • Sand, silt, clay and loam
  • Resources that can serve as guides to other science subjects (6th, 7th and 8th graders).

Benefits of HLA “Inspire Garden”

The benefits for participating in HLA “Inspire Garden’ program, are numerous. Gardening offers hands-on learning experience, where students get to experiment in a wide array of science related disciplines. Listed below are few of the major benefits students and the community can derive from HLA Inspire Garden.

  • Increase in science achievement scores
  • Improves life skills, such as working in groups.
  • Improves social skills
  • Appreciation and respect for nature
  • Improve knowledge of science
  • Increase fruits and vegetable consumption.
  • Encourages healthy eating
  • Open doors to numerous science and engineering disciplines students can major in college.
  • Increase environmental awareness.
  • Encourage water conservation
  • Discourages environmental pollution

Higher Learning Academy is proud to again sponsor the “Girls on the Run” and to introduce this year “Girls on Track” for our 6th through 8th grade girls.

Girls on the Run is for girls in 3rd through 5th grade. Over a period of 12 weeks, these girls participate in an after-school program like no other. Designed to allow every girl to recognize her inner strength, the Girls on the Run curriculum inspires girls to define their lives on their own terms. The Girls on the Run lessons encourage positive emotional, social, mental and physical development. Throughout the season, the girls make new friends, build their confidence and celebrate all that makes them unique.  Physical activity is woven into our program to inspire an appreciation of fitness and to build habits that lead to a lifetime of health.  At the end of each three month session, the girls participate in a Girls on the Run 5k event. This program is open to all girls in 3rd through 5th grade, prior experience or interest in running is not required. Girls on the Run will begin this school year in the Spring. 

This year, HLA is proud to announce that Girls on Track will also be an option for our 6th - 8th grade girls. Today's middle-school girls face many challenges and obstacles that can affect their emotional and physical well-being. The Girls on Track curriculum is designed to address these challenges by empowering them to make thoughtful and healthy decisions. Like Girls on the Run, the Girls on Track curriculum is delivered over the course of 10 to 12 weeks and addresses the societal, mental and emotional challenges particular to their age.  Girls on Track will begin in the Fall, while Girls on the Run will begin in the Spring.  Keep your eyes open for information coming home from your girls about these awesome programs.

Chris Resha

HLA Teacher and Girls on the Run Coach

Our athletics program is currently expanding        Our athletics program is currently expanding with new competitive sports programs added each year! Currently, HLA is offering soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, volleyball in the spring, and our GCC field events for summer Olympics. We are proud to offer these programs at no charge, with transportation, and a wealth of skills students learn from being on a team: teamwork and leadership! There are a limited amount of spaces on each team so be sure to inquire about the athletic programs available each season. new competitive sports programs added each year

        Girls on the Run is back!! We are bringing back our popular athletics program for girls in the spring. GOTR is an outside organization that provides empowering skills and tools for young ladies through mentorship and exercise! HLA is very excited to have it back on our campus. GOTR training will begin in February and end with a 5K in May. If you are interested in enrolling your young lady to be a girl on the run, inquire in the office or ask Ms. Thomas our site athletics coordinator.
More to come as the school year progresses! Here are some photos from past sporting events!!


Michaela Thomas
HLA Athletics Coordinator




sports programs added sports programs Our athletics program

HLA is offering soccer in the fall