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Parent / Student Handbook

Dear Parents,
The Parent/Student Handbook contains information on school policies, procedures, and a variety of topics that we hope you will find helpful. This document also serves your child as a Student Handbook, as much of it contains information that pertains to students. The Parent/Student Handbook is posted online and is subject to amendments during the school year.
All of our teachers realize the importance of communicating directly with you regarding your child's progress and of answering any questions you may have. Email is available for you and is the preference of the majority of the teachers because they can pick up messages in their classroom and respond in a timelier manner. If you would like a phone call from a teacher or counselor, please include this request in your email. Contact the front office if you would like to speak with one of our administration team members.
It is our greatest hope that we will communicate often and work closely with you in the education of your child. We look forward to a wonderful, exciting, and growth-producing year.
Cell phones and other electronic entertainment devices (including air pods) are NOT to be visible or audible or turned on during class time unless otherwise advised by teachers or staff. It is the student’s responsibility to be sure these devices are turned off completely and not on vibrate during instructional time. HLA does not allow the use of cell phones while on campus, this includes during breaks, between classes, during lunch time and during our HLA After School program. FHS students may use their cell phones during lunch time in accordance to the GCC Technology Usage Agreement. Violations of the Technology Usage Agreement will result in immediate confiscation and students will be subject to progressive disciplinary actions:
1st offense: Warning, device is confiscated for the rest of the day and can be picked up from the office at the end of the school day.
2nd offense: Device is confiscated for the remainder of the day and released to parent/guardian only.
3rd offense: Device is confiscated, released to parent/guardian only, + further disciplinary actions
** Failure to provide the phone to an adult when asked causes a call home to a guardian and jumping to the next offense number.
Dress Code and Grooming
High standards of dress promote good citizenship and a positive, wholesome, and safe learning environment.  The appearance of the student body reflects upon the climate of the school.  Students are expected to meet standards of dress and grooming that are acceptable in a positive learning environment.  Extremes in dress or clothing regarded as disruptive or a distraction from the learning environment are not permitted.  Clothing will promote physical and psychological safety.
Personal appearance standards for scholars are defined in the dress code.
Allowable Dress and Grooming
  • Scholars must wear clothing including both a shirt with pants or skirt, or the equivalent and shoes.
  • Shirts and dresses must have fabric in the front and on both sides.
  • Clothing must cover undergarments, waistbands and bra straps excluded.
  • Fabric covering all private parts must not be see-through.
  • Hats and other headwear must allow the face to be visible and not interfere with the line of site of any scholar or staff. Hoodies must allow the scholar’s face and ears to be visible to staff. Flat brimmed hats unless turned backwards and hoods must not be worn in the classroom, religious exceptions will be made.
  • Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities including physical education, science labs, and other activities where unique hazards exist.
  • Specialized courses may require specialized attire such as sports uniforms or safety gear.
Non-allowable Dress and Grooming*
  • Clothing may not depict, advertise or advocate the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other controlled substances.
  • Clothing may not depict pornography, nudity or sexual acts.
  • Clothing may not use profanity or depict hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or any other protected group. Gang identifiers must not be worn at the school at any time (i.e. bandanas).
  • If the scholar’s attire or grooming threatens the health or safety of any other person, then discipline for dress or grooming violations should be consistent with discipline policies for similar violations.
*Please note: The administration is a final judge on what is or is not appropriate.  Matters of personal appearance which might reasonably be classified as creating a distraction, affecting the learning environment in the classroom, and/or having a negative effect on education will be prohibited.